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Web Design Services

At Elite Marketing Authority, we provide a wide range of web design services to suit your needs.  We help you with web design, ecommerce development, hosting, optimization, strategy, and mobile site creation. 

Web Design

Web Design is one of the things we’re best at. We design functional, eye-popping websites.
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Does your business have a functioning website? Your website is the the hub of your online marketing and should be treated as such. At Elite Marketing Authority we will design your business a custom website in just a few days.

First, Our web design team analyzes your current website, and creates an audit of your pages, content, keywords and more.

Then, they create you a custom website layout and strategy focused around your business goals and struggles. This is our client centered approach.

After that, our web design team starts creating all of the content that will go into your website including website images, website videos, and website copy. They put it all together and BOOM. You’re brand new website is born.

Finally, we confer with you to make any changes. Then, we place the finishing touches.

Hosting Services

We take care of your businesses website domain for you, That gives you one less thing to think about.
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Hey, it’s Elite Marketing Authority! Is the problem making your website available? All you need is a good hosting service. it enables your website to be available through the world wide web.

Web hosts are firms that provides space on the server which is normally owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing internet connectivity, in a data center. Also, a domain name serves as an identification that defines the aspect of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the internet.

 Having noted this, you can only be sure of a good hosting services in our team. We at Elite Marketing Authority take care of your businesses website domain for you, and that gives you one less thing to think about. 



Content Creation

We design imagery, video, and copy to mesmerize your target audience and reel them in.
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The way you convey your mind, the expression that your audience perceives through each word you give is the elegant art of creativity. Content creation is a master piece that puts your business on an upswing. Content creation contributes to the growth of your business as it portrays the idea, perspective, and relevance of your business and we understand this perfectly at Elite Marketing Authority.

An idea can be seen in several ways and that comes with the elegant use of contents. there are forms of content creation which includes, blogging, online commentary, maintaining social media accounts, etc. Content creation is a prime director of any business strategy. it propels your audience into having reasons to come to you and stick to you. It is almost magical judging  by the fact that content leads.

Content creation requires deliberate thought and specific peculiarity as regards the business. You can always see a difference with the aid of content creation. Our team is on ground to always give what you want whenever you want it in an amazing manner. Just like reading through this, content is always a great deal. 

Finally, the colossal strength of content creation is such that anyone who is good at it derives it benefits. content is publicity on its own  and that is why we are not left behind. We design imagery, video, and copy to mesmerize your target audience to reel them in. 

Website Strategy

Website Strategy is key to getting you from point A to point B. We create a custom way to get you there.

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Website strategy is pivotal in moving you ahead. you need to have the blueprints of your business in a maligned manner such that it speeds your business buoyancy. Now, what does website strategy does? It helps you stay in track after years of your website gaining momentum.  

It is a  long term plan that helps show how to create and develop a firms online presence. The essentials of  a good business strategy shouldn’t be myopic and that is why there is the need for a good web strategist. Depending on the maturity of the business that is about getting online, the website strategy should be ready to carve out the right initiatives that would help put secure the future of the website. You definitely need a step to move from A to B and that can only be done in grand style with the aid of the best website strategists.

Without doubt, you there is no need for pressing the panic button with us. Indeed, Website strategy takes you from point A to point B. We create a custom way to get you there. 

Eccomerce Development

E commerce is powerful. We will create a custom drop-shipping or affiliate website from scratch

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Are you the owner of an ecommerce website, or trying to start your own ecommerce website? At Elite Marketing Authority we can help you grow your eccomerce business quick. We will deliver you a gorgeous, functional eccomerce websites in just a few weeks.

First, Our Web design team gets to know you and your goals. We get to know you a little bit, so we can deliver exactly the website you want, hassle free!

Second, We do tons of research into whats working for your competitors, so we can include the best assets and planning into your site. We create a custom ecommerce strategy to take you to the top.

Then, our web design team picks the best structure to meet your needs, along with the best products, everything optimized to a T.

Finally, We go over your website with you and make sure everything is to your exact liking. We recreate until you love it!


Web Site Optimization

Web Site Optimization is key to being seen online. We skyrocket visibility and website traffic.

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 Website optimization is key to being seen online. We skyrocket visibility and website traffic. It is the process of effecting changes to your website so it will show in search engine result pages. Not just that, it also ensures that it comes higher in those results.

Web site optimization helps check the relevance of your business or website asides helping to push you higher in the ranks. It is also called search engine optimization in that it helps know the unknown. Just so you know, not less than 60% of internet users will not look beyond the first page of  search results. By activating some tools, the visibility of Search engine visibility can also be achieved using automated search engine submission tools. Using these tools in conjunction with website optimization can dramatically impact the amount of traffic to your site.

It isn’t just a step, it takes your business steps further and closer to your audience. GET YOUR BUSINESS OPTIMIZED WITH US  AT ELITE MARKETING AUTHORITY! 

App Development

App development is one of our specialties. We will design a custom app for Apple or Android devices.

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App development is one of the popular forms of coding and it is an important aspect of your mobile phone. The beauty of your Apple or Android devices can only be better explored with different apps in it.

 Mobile devices specifically possess  popular apps for searching, browsing and users can download and install additional apps from the Apple App store (iOS). Applications are designed, built and used for different operating systems and several developers will want to learn how to build for both the Android operating system and Apple’s iOS.   Wouldn’t it be great to have an app of your own? Well, app development isn’t just about it being lucrative but as a developer being creative. You must have considered all your options and forgotten this aspect. it demands being unique, also you need to understand the mobile platforms. Windows Phone, iOS and Android are definitely the most popular.  

Here is the golden opportunity, app development is one of our specialties. We will design a custom app for Apple or Android devices. It is safe to be brave with decisions, make one now by just calling Elite Marketing Authority right away to help with your app development! 


Mobile Site Creation

We develop and optimize mobile websites for your business. Mobile sites are crucial.

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Mobile site creation takes you one step ahead! How? It is simple. Do you know that an optimized responsive mobile site attracts people before they consider things the site can offer?

We develop and optimize mobile websites for your business. In fact mobile sites are crucial. in the light of technology upon us in the last decade the stride of several websites has been due to their ability to evolve and be dynamic with the vast trends associated with site creation. the weary look you have when you visit some sites and the smile that pops on your face when you see some other mobile sites can only be differentiated by the specialized developers that created the sites. Elite Marketing Authority is one to tick all your boxes when it comes to mobile site creation.

Basically, businesses nowadays thrive a lot with the apt attention people give to their mobile device compared to any gadget, so, in creating a mobile site, you are just one step ahead!  

Creative Team

Our team is the best team. we take great pride in our team here at Elite Marketing Authority. We’re sure you and your business will take pride in our team too.

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