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Social Media Marketing | Web-Design | SEO | E-Mail Marketing  | Pay-Per-Click


First of all, we attract your audience into your sales funnel using a proprietary system designed to increase customer aquisistion. After that, we engage them with targeted content.


Next, we engage your audience with custom text, images, and videos developed around their interests. Also, we build a list of  people that interacted with your content.


 FInally, we re-target and convert your target audiences that engaged with your content. Therefore, leading them through your funnel and making them customers for life.

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Social Media Marketing | Web-Design | SEO | E-Mail Marketing | Pay-Per-Click

Social Media Marketing

First of all, we analyze your current social media accounts. Then, we create new accounts and groups as needed. After that, we develop a social media strategy to help you reach your goals. Next, we develop compelling content to reel your target audience in. Finally, We turn them into customers for life.

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Website Design and Development

First of all, we dive into your website to see what makes it tick. Secondly, we create a custom report of your current metrics and give you some helpful advice that you cam actually implement immediately. Finally, we work with you to decide whether a re-design is necessary or some updated  content

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Email Marketing

First of all, we take a look into the email campaigns your currently running. Then, we dive into your email list, and metrics. Therefore, we have a good feel for whats working and whats not. After that, we work with you to agree on an email strategy that meets your needs. Finally, we optimize your campaigns.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First of all, our pay-per-click team analyzes your (PPC) campaigns and builds a detailed report of the metrics. After that, we see which keywords, audiences, and placements are generating the most revenue. Then, we build a strategy to take you exactly where you want to go. Finally, we implement, measure, and optimize.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

First of all, our search engine optimization team analyzes your on-site and off-site (SEO) to see how your brand is fairing in the search engines. Secondly, we create a turn-key strategy to get you to the top of the organic search results keyword by keyword. Finally, we report back to you with improvements.

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Content Creation

First of all, We Audit your current paid, and owned media to see what been working for you in the past. Then, our content team creates a content calendar and strategy developed around your business goals and needs. Now, you can build your digital assets. Therefore, creating more of the content your target audience craves.

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Now, Here Is A Few Of Our Larger Clients.

Social Media Marketing | Web-Design | SEO | E-Mail Marketing | Pay-Per-Click

Above All, We Take Pride In Our Clients.

Luckily, You don’t need to take take our word for our digital marketing expertise-
      Heres what our clients say.

Sometimes, you just need to let the experts handle the work. Amazingly,  EMA was there for me and my business every step of the way. For that reason, I’ve been working with them well over 5 years evow.  Now, They currently handle every aspect of my digital marketing

Rachael Miller

Certainly, I’m very impressed with the level of ability and professionalism at Elite Marketing Authority. Also, every time I ever need help their are always prompt to help. Certainly, this is one of the top companies in online marketiing. Therefore, I highly reccomend to anyone looking for marketiong help.

Richard Rodriguez

Above All, I love your results. Actually, I reccomend Elite Marketing Authority to anyone looking for actual results. In short, they helped me grow my business from a small mom and pop shop to one of the largest retailers in my local area. Now, I’m as happy as ever and have a steady stream of sales.

Bobby Tompkins

Our Team at Elite Marketing Authority

Above All, Elite our team works diligently for you our loyal client.  Therefore, each one of our team member takes great pride on the integrity of your business.

Kayla Simmons

Derrick Holstein

Tamarra Schmidt

Debra Orloski

James Carrigan

Sydney O’Donnel

Jeremy McKinnon

Tara Moro

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Seems like, with digital marketing spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

We Grow Business 

Seems like, most businesses don’t understand how crucial digital marketing to your business? Certainly, digital marketing is one of the most important channels for your business. First of all, you need to use digital marketing to aquire new customers but thats not all.  Consequently, when coupled with customer retention and your administrative duties it can be hard to find the time. Furthermore, as a business owner we know it can be hard to find the time to manage your digital marketing effectively along with the rest of your daily load. However, there is a way to do just that. Most Noteworthy, for a small monthly fee we promise to give you all of your time back thatyou spend on marketing your business online. Above all, We help you get one of the best return on investment’s in the Industry, 

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